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 Program Fees

Classroom, Auditorium & Outdoor Programs


We provide classroom and auditorium style programs as well as outdoor shows  - including flight demonstrations (in venues which are deemed safe and appropriate).


The list below is an example of our program fees. Please note that fees will be relative to your specific program and may differ from estimates listed below.


Send us an email so we can work with you to design the program that will best fit your event, venue and topic!


*Mileage fees waived for programs in Troup, Harris & Meriwether (GA) Counties.


Free-flight demonstration are for outdoor programs only – venue must meet safety requirements ie open space, no utility wires, away from busy highways, etc. Extra fees apply.


Mileage : 60 cents per mile from Meriwether County, GA


For the safety of your pets, and the comfort of our birds, we ask that no dogs be present at programs. (Exceptions will be made for therapy dogs - please let us know if these good dogs will be in attendance prior to program day!)


Classroom Programs

Indoor Classroom or Auditorium

1 hour program. 2-3 birds plus artifacts (touch and feel table). Or Story Time for little folks! (with a live bird + book reading). *$275 + mileage

Outdoor Programs

Festivals, Fairs and other outside events

1 hour outside program 3 birds + artifacts and question/answer session + photo op. *$325 + mileage

1/2 Day Program

Meet & Greet and up to 2 formal programs

Up to 4 hours inside or outside. Tent setup for Meet & Greet and up to two formal programs. Will present various birds, artifacts, question/answer session and photo op. *$475 + mileage

Full Day Programs

Meet & Greet and up to 3 formal programs

Full day. Tent setup, Meet & Greet and up to three formal programs throughout the day. Artifacts, Photo Op and/or activities. *$650 + mileage

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