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Our animal encounter programs provide a unique opportunity to learn about our living world from the animals we share it with!


We take great care to help determine the most appropriate program for your group or interest. These can also be custom designed to suit your course of study or conservation topic.

Share with us your group’s interest, whether it’s creating a backyard wildlife habitat or forestry & land management, we will formulate a program for you that’s relevant & educational as well as entertaining!

Introduction to Birds of Prey

We offer indoor or outdoor programs to suit your event or venue!


Get a bird’s eye view as to what makes raptors unique in the animal world. Learn about their excellent hunting skills and their habitat-specific adaptations.


This program can be tailored to focus on Raptor Identification for birders, hikers or other outdoor enthusiasts.



Who’s There? (or) Bump in the Night

This is a great way for children to learn who shares their backyards at night time!


This interactive program combines visual media with a live animal encounter that teaches children about fascinating creatures that come out after dark. Discussions include nocturnal adaptations and how to identify night time sounds.


Grab your flashlight and give us a call!

My Amazing
Back Yard

The animal kingdom is filled with incredible diversity and lots of these wonderful creatures find a home in your backyard!


This interactive program is a great opportunity to find out about some of your closest neighbors, the benefit of living near them and the conservation issues they face. Discover how our actions in our own backyards can help (or harm) local wildlife and how important each backyard is to the rest of the world.

Craft Time
is for The Birds

Craft time is for the birds... and little people and big people too!


We will bring supplies so everyone can create something fun of their own after they meet some of our favorite birds. From pine cone bird feeders, to recycled owletts, backyard nest boxes and even raptor identification booklets... our imaginations can run wild with this one!


Suitable for all ages, and a favorite with our Homeschool groups!


We also provide programs on Wetlands Wildlife, Understanding the Food Web, Story Time with the Birds, and more!


Our programs are all extremely adjustable and may include visual media presentation, hand-outs for creating a Backyard Habitat, nest-box instructions, Owl Pal Certificates and of course - live animal encounters!


The sky really is the limit - let us know what your focus is and we'll design a program specifically for you. Our goal is to provide you with a truly unique and unforgetable experience!

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